Sunday, January 31, 2010

Embrace the Blah!

My recent detox treatment has reminded me of an important fact.

I really need to focus on relaxing - or as I say to myself in a moment of rage, just chill the F*@#% out! (which is not a very relaxing message to send to yourself - note to self) This is not a news flash for me- I did ask for (and receive) a Zen meditation CD for Christmas- which I completely LOVE.

My blood pressure has been tending to be run on the edge of "acceptable". There is a family history of some blood pressure concerns. I want to be proactive.

I believe that I am wired (or I've just fallen into the habit) to run on "high" to easily flip into "overdrive" - also known as emotional-rage mode. Maybe they call that "Type A". Things bother me. It's hard to get over it / let it go.

When I was scheduling my reflexology raindrop therapy treatment, my lady told me that you really CAN function after the treatment - but you have to push yourself out of your relaxed state of mind in order to do things like drive, cook, work- so she discourages it. She encouraged me to have the treatment done when I had a few days to really take it easy - and embrace the blah.

I found myself lingering in that "blah" into the week. I let things roll off my back that normally could have thrown me into emotional turmoil. Now, I know that this was likely NOT the effect of the treatment when we've passed 48 hours- this was a change in me and how I was approaching life.

I'm trying to embrace the blah more. I'm trying to chill out. I'm trying to care, but not stress out about things that are out of my control. I'm trying to do my best, but not put unreasonable demands on myself. It's a process and I have no delusions that perfection will be obtained. Balance is tricky. Do you have any tips for things you do to remind yourself to chill out / not take life so seriously?

Here's to a mild-er version of me!


Janet said...

Maybe embraching the blah can help us manage the work stress. I don't really have any tips though. I do love yoga, and my every other week massages.

lol said...

You need to find activitys that relieve the stress you are feeling, reading has always eased my mind in troubled times. I pep talk myself at work a lot too. Working with teachers can be a demanding job, their stress in dealing with teenagers trickles down to me. I am able to handle it because over the years i have learned to just stop and close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and get myself centered again. I know it sounds easy.. but alot of it is just a mental decision to chill out and not let your emotions control you.

Karen said...

I've been trying to embrace the blah, too. I'm having to schedule fun time, but I've been doing that. And since I know I have things to look forward to, I don't get all up in arms over things I *have* to do.

Michelle said...

What about calling it embracing the "ahhhh" instead of the "blah?" I like that theory better!

And for me, I find that I just need to do something (small) for myself each day. It helps keep my equillibrium.

Anonymous said...

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