Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wild Wishing Wednesdays!

I'm thinking of those ideas - where thoughts become things, where the words we use become the reality we live, where we can have it any way we want it (no, I don't mean Burger King).

And I think I'd like to invite you all to join into this tradition of sharing your wish. If you could have whatever you wanted - what would you change? Big, little, serious, or silly. All wishes welcome!

Here are my wishes this week...

  • I wish my pups could coordinate their bladders.
  • I wish I had a non-judgmental, organizing queen friend that enjoyed a challenge and wanted to push me through the chore.
  • I wish for more followers.
  • I wish for success in letting go of things that I can not control (weather, people in power)
  • I wish I would get back on schedule - bedtime without King of the Hill just isn't right.
  • I wish I could recreate Chipotle burritos in my own kitchen.
  • Right now, I'm wishing for a blackberry phone.
How about your wishes? Let's see how many we can "plant" this week...


Jess said...

I like the wish list especially the one about the dog bladders. But in order to make your wishes come true you have to be ready to act on the opportunities that come your way. So like a midget at a urinal your going to have to stay on your toes.

Regina said...
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Regina said...

LOL! Love it.
You know, I really have tried to act on the opprotunity. It's 3 am and one poochie needs to visit outdoors - I try to encourage the other one to seize the moment. They just don't seem open to the suggestion! =)

Janet said...

Well, you got another follower today, so this thing must work!

My general wish right now is for people to be reasonable and logical and do what they say they will do. OH, and for people to always communicate with me clearly and effectively. In my language.

I have many more. I may have to do my own posting on the subject!

lol said...

I support this idea of making chipolte in your won kitchen.

Regina said...

Oh, I'm totally game - it is just never the same.