Friday, January 8, 2010

A Lesson In Patients

From time to time (like all the time) I can be a little inpatient.

I'm an inpatient gardener...I spent months cursing my elephant ears for refusing to grow. I kept watering and thinking hello, it's wake up time. You are wasting days - sitting there, doing nothing, showing no progress of growth - I don't even know where you are...I might plant something on top of you. You know, something that shows signs of LIFE? They grew. Eventually, but I reminded them often that playing hard to get didn't make them any friends.

I planned and calculated with great passion to ensure I would have my amaryllis and hyacinth in bloom for Christmas and planted them promptly - have I yet seen flowers? No. I've threatened (lovingly) to throw them out in the snow if they don't want to keep up their end of the deal. I provide warmth, water, and regular turning - you GROW. Seems simple enough to me?

Did you ever notice how time is funny? Like when you are about to run out of shampoo / toothpaste - you know it's getting low. You know you need to buy more. So you do. And then the stuff seems to keep going......and going.....and you are thinking every day - just one more day...but it keeps going....until you are finally thinking - Dude, if I have to use two whole handfuls of shampoo today to finish this up; it just needs to END already. And then more days pass. And then it's gone - and you are surprised.

That is just like my relationship with the package delivery dudes / mailman. Here is how it goes...

Day 1. Really want item.

Day 2. Shop and shop and shop and find item.

Day 3. Place order and dream of the happiness that is coming to me.

Day 4+ weekend. Immediately get excited and can't wait for it to get here.
Obsession fills my brain. (I always forget to count "business days")

Day 5. Dying of anticipation - and still no shipping confirmation.

Day 6. Shipping confirmation - but no progress is track-able.

Day 7. Going to explode with the desire to have it in my hands - it just left the factory in Iceland.

Day 8. Rush home from work. Feel like I've been stood up from prom when porch is empty.

Day 9. No package - typical, a$$h%les, that's just like them.

Day 10, 11, 12 + a weekend- I don't want to talk about it.

Day 15. Complete amnesia that I ever wanted / ordered the item.

Day 16. It arrives. Great joy fills my soul and I'm surprised that it was such fast service.

Every. Time.

So right now, I'm ready to jump into the fitness goals of the year. Sadly, the best prices and deals I have found are all online. I'd gladly trudge through the snow, in the flesh freezing temps to have any of these products in my hand RIGHT NOW. But I'll have to wait. Obsession is filling my brain...let the countdown begin. My heart literally skips a beat when I hear the truck come down my street...and I just hit "confirm order"...will I never learn?


Janet said...

I got one of those forgotten about packages today. I'd ordered a car charger for my new cell phone. I also ordered a pink case, and I was hoping it was that. Oh, well.

lol said...

Here is a little something to help keep you on track and worry about the important stuff :)