Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't Go To The Light!

I was enjoying date night with the hubby when I came to a horrifying discovery.

McDonald's - home of the golden arches, dollar menu, indoor play land, discount(ish) gourmet(ish) coffee, french fries that haunt my dreams, and fancy (still poison to the body) burgers - has added ANOTHER selling technique to it's "you'll love it" tool belt. There is a SPOTLIGHT.

As if your children could not already smell Ronald from a mile away.

As if you were ever unable to spot the golden arches towering about the buildings.

As if you were ever in danger from NOT being able to find the land of heart attacks served on a bun.

Now, there is a spotlight - a fry signal - to lure you in. And a two lane drive through to service your immediate needs.

Ronald, I'm not lovin' it. Not even a little bit. And I can only pray that you had the decency to use an LCD bulb while you're wasting our electrical resources.

1 comment:

Janet said...

Like they really need MORE customers? I swear, when we went the other day, they were lined up out the door. It was crazy!