Monday, January 4, 2010

Potential Addictions & Other Dangerous $$ Pits

There are some things in life that I just can not seem to fulfill. It's a thirst that can not be quenched. It's a need for something better and more satisfying.

I was watching a program on hoarding last night - and it did help me to feel much better about myself. Because I saw these people hoarding LOTS of things - it seemed ANYTHING. And I only have a few -so if there's a line, I'm certain I haven't crossed it. I hope that I am not alone...

1. Body lotions and sprays.
Can you ever have enough of these things? There's the dry weather variety, the smells good variety, the works good variety, the self-tanning, the firming, the cellulose destroying...and then all the various flavors? Not to mention the buy ## get for a better price, or get one free tactic...see how they get you? Pure evil.

2. Fine chocolates.
I know they are meant to be eaten a few at a time. Truly savoring each and every melting bite. (I'll wait a moment while you go get your own fix.) I do abide by the fine chocolate rules and etiquette. However, I like to buy in bulk. I think it is no accident that the "seasonal" flavors are the best.

3. Nail polish and pedicure supplies.
I am much better at BUYING these than at USING them. But I can never quite surrender the quest for the perfect dark chocolate brown, nor the perfectly nude yet subtly there shade of pink. Foot lotions, hand age fighting lotions, foot scrubs, foot masks. Oh the joy.

4. Throw blankets.
Different seasons, different furniture, varying weights, varying textures...

5. Yarn and some other craft supplies.
The problem again, being so much variety in texture, weight, size, material, and shade. And so many sales. And so many potential projects. I really think I could love a cricut...but I know the danger that lies within - so many future shopping trips for the shapes, letters, numbers, varying fonts and sizes - please, just take my wallet.

6. Paper.
This could go under craft supplies - but really, if I took inventory, it would deserve it's own place on the list. Origami paper, beautiful journals, little notebooks, giant notebooks, notepads, scrapbook papers with patterns, card stock. Oh, I love paper. *sigh*

7. Water flavor packets and tea flavors.
In my quest to fend off the soda addiction, I have developed a serious relationship with this section of the grocery store. The last time I was there - they had MISPLACED my favorite energy packet. When I found it (hidden behind the crappy varieties) I bought the whole display case. Seriously. I can't take that kind of risk. But were it so simple that I only loved this one flavor- you see, once upon a time I did not know the wonder that was contained in this particular flavor box - so now, I make the habit of picking up a new one (or two) from time to time. I just keep the dream alive of finding another treasure...I keep telling myself it's for a good cause.

So if you feel like confessing your own potential addictions - feel free to join the party. I won't judge!


Britney Jean said...

my personal addictions:

**scrapbook supplies: i never have the time to scrapbook, though i love it. but every time i see a cute thing of stickers, adorable ribbon, fun paper or bright buttons--i HAVE to buy them.

**shoes: a girl can never have too many shoes. nuff said.

**pens: i buy these constantly. different colors. different brands. whatever.

**flower headbands: this is a new one. i finally had to stop myself. forever 21 was killing my bank account.

**paradise bakery: it is my favorite place to eat. but i need to stop. it's hurting my wallet and adding pounds to my weight.


Regina said...

Oh yes, pens could EASILY be added to my list. Love them! I'm always having Pen Envy!

Janet said...

Well, I definitely do the body lotion/shower gel thing. Bath and Body Works is my crack. They have sales, you go in for the sale, they give you another coupon only good next week. It never ends. That's how they GET you.

I also do shoes. And nail polish. Oh, and now yarn, which is totally your fault.