Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wishing Wednesday

Wishing you A Happy Wednesday- Week 4:

  • I previously wished for a time remote to re-do moments in life - now I would like to use that remote to eat "reasonable portions" enough times to fulfill my cravings - with no additional calories. Okay?
  • I wish that I still had "school lunch"
  • I wish that when bulbs finally bloom -they would look as perfect as the tag pictured them....where they never droop or fall over.
  • I wish that chocolate was a vegetable.
  • I wish for Big Love to get started already!
Please add your own wishes in the comments or link to your own "home".


Janet said...

Oh! You're doing a linky!!! I'll have to post tomorrow, when hopefully I'll be thinking a little more clearly. (Hey! A girl can wish!)

Gina said...

Found you through Janet. I love this idea! :)