Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sorry, I Fell Off the Net

OK - since I last was here. I finished the Crisis / Housing / Temporary job.

I started the new job. Moved to the new floor. Cleaned out a bunch of crap that was left for me - maybe someone thought is was meaningful / helpful...I assure you, it was only meaningful to the recycle pile. And settled in about in time to take a holiday break.

I'm trying to make the most of my new position but not so much planting any roots because there is a potential job on the horizon with the same organization - with the benefit of promised long-lasting-ness, with higher pay, with more creative freedom, with more but desired responsibility, with a supervisor that has 100% faith in my ability and the right balance of "there" but not "over your shoulder". So we will wait and see what happens. I'm ready to believe that either option will allow me to do things that I will take pleasure in and will grow with me. (But I'd really appreciate the bigger paycheck NOW instead of 1.5 years down the road.)

I've made progress on the 101 goals. Must update.

I've failed miserably at other goals. Must get on the ball.

I am once again on the mission of cleaning out - minimizing the "stuff" in my life. Let's hope for better progress this year than last. In an effort to be "simple" was the theme of my tree this year...I know, it's late for sharing decoration pics, but I'm in charge please admire my simple tree...

All crystal snowflakes were a craft project...easy but sparkly!

And speaking of crafts. I ordered a double batch of these paper balls last year! I've assembled a few - obviously they are too big for my tree. I was thinking of doing a door decoration with them, 0r using them as some sort of countdown? But now I'm kind of stumped. So if you have any inspirational ideas - please let me know!