Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Confessing About the Tree

The question of the day is how long do you leave all the decorations up?

I generally try to take the tree and Christmas specific decor down by the weekend AFTER New Years Day. That seems like the right time to get over it and get on with new things. However, more "seasonal" decorations can stay out of their storage prisons until the snow melts or I start wishing it would.

However, in the spirit of confessing...there was a year - where I think we were in a month that started with M? Maybe it was March, maybe it was May - I honestly can't remember, so let's pretend it was March! I did have the decorations off of the tree and packed away. And I too considered the idea of a year round tree. ( In my defense my tree is one of those slender decorative trees that are log-cabin in style - and some people DO use them year round. ) I was kind of proud that I finally got it done - until I noticed a countdown to Christmas item still out in August. Oh well, I can't be perfect.

This year I am vowing to do MUCH better.

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Karen said...

That is too funny!

I remember finding an Easter egg once in August or September. That was fun.

As far as I'm concerned, leaving stuff up all year just helps us be in the spirit. Right? Maybe not...

Janet said...

My goal is usually to get the Christmas stuff all put away the day after New Years. This year I did it the fourth.