Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wishing Wednesday

Week 28: Still searching...

I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up...the clock is ticking.

I wish that Droid would put James VanDerBeek's voice back on their commercials - the new dude sucks.

I wish that I would be able to think up my "dream job".

And then I wish that it would be found on the help wanted ads.

I wish for safe returns from travel.

Thanks: I'm thankful to be done with my knitting project - a shrug.

I'm thankful that the kiddo seems to be doing better with his travels than last time.

I'm thankful for tomatoes that are starting to blush.


Funny in My Mind said...

I wish I could find my dream job too.
At 40, I am doubting it will happen.
Maybe this is my dream and I don't realize it yet.....
Maybe not.
My tomatoes are turning too.
My son wants a Droid.

Karen said...

I wish the phone would ring with someone just giving you your dream job and that you wouldn't even have to open the want ads.

Don't stress yourself out too much. The right opportunity will come along. In the meantime, enjoy having a little bit of free time.