Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wishing Wednesday

Week 29: Life after Job

I am wishing for a "do-over" with my compost box...I've clearly mucked something up.

I wish my jade plant will forgive me for neglecting it.

I wish that the pests that have invaded my house will soon go away - either of natural causes or poison can be ordered.

I wish for patience and the ability to be focused and still relax.

I wish for a burst of productivity and organization.

And I'm thankful...

...that I do have some time to breathe and that I do not have to take the first low paying crap job that is offered to me.

...that while I may be looking at crap jobs right now - even if I do take one, I'm not committed for a lifetime.

...that while my hen and chick plant died (flowering equals death for hen and chicks) I think I was left with many seeds to start a new adventure.

...that there is time to make changes. Classes to build skills. Chances to move in a new career direction.

And what are you wishing for lately?


Karen said...

I love the idea of you taking a class to build up some skills. I hope you'll do it!

Right at this moment, I wish that people who preached about equality and tolerance were more tolerant of people with different opinions.

Janet said...

I'm all for the "relaxed but focused" thing. Somehow I'm going for tense and flustered instead.