Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishing Wednesday

Week 30: Working on borrowed time...

  • I wish happy b-day to me.
  • I wish for the weatherman to be right - meaning, that soon my A/C may stop getting an overtime workout.
  • I wish for some time to brew over some exciting ideas - ideas that will be very share-able should they be ideas I happen to follow through with.
  • I wish for kindness to kitty's...this week I had a dream that someone was boiling kittens some people do lobsters...and for the record...eewwww!...then saw a news story about some guy marinating his cat? Stop hating on the cats!
  • Based on that dream - maybe I should wish for restful sleep.
  • I'm thankful for great sales!
  • I'm thankful for recent discoveries of TV shows that are old news to most - but most entertaining to me.
  • I'm thankful for a change of pace- the ability to be flexible and the opportunity to give different things a try. (Think going from desk job to solo chef for 40-100 people's meal's)
  • And finally - I'm very thankful for the chance to try a new employment position with my old workplace (but not the evil overlords that kicked us all to the curb). It will be a VERY different line of work, but good or bad - it will only last for 4 months. I will still be looking for a "long term" placement; but I'm thrilled to be able to relocate within the same building - with the same benefits and seniority - and possibly my personal parking spot. (I'm really thankful for my personal parking space.)
Hope the week is filled with many things for you to be thankful for and time to consider your wildest wishes...


Funny in My Mind said...

Happy birthday to you!
Please don't eat cat stew.
It might make you puke.
Happy birthday to you!

Karen Peterson said...

Is it really your birthday??


And I'm so excited for you to have work, even if it's only temporary. Here's hoping that will lead to even better opportunities!

Janet said...

I wish I had been more on the ball with your birthday! I had it written on my work calendar, along with the meeting we didn't have to go to! Yeah, that's it, let's blame the Overlord!