Friday, July 9, 2010

End of Days

I have officially ended my days in the office.

I have packed requested things. Set OUT OF OFFICE to permanent.

I have thrown away an amazing amount of paper. (In a recycle bin for non-profit organization.)

I have submitted my stacks of files to shred.

I am done.

Except...I keep waking at odd hours of the night and remembering things undone...boxes and shelves unsorted, emails unsent, supplies that could have found a better home.

At some point, I'm sure it will stop mattering. Things will be what they will be.
Things will be thrown away. Things will be sent out to others. And soon, there will be no proof that we were ever there.

Websites will be canceled. Phone lines will be disconnected. At some point email messages will stop coming in - either because I stop answering them or because people figure out we are gone or because we won't have active accounts. We will be a memory.

Being away seems to be better than being there and constantly saying goodbye to every phone call and every email. I feel like the book is shut. And I'm even starting to look forward to the next adventure. Not enough to want it to begin yet.

Just enough to start window shopping without feeling nauseous. Baby steps.


Karen said...

I really hope I never have to go through a lay off. But, if I do, I hope I can handle it with as much dignity as you are.

Janet said...

Maybe I'm making progress, because I'm starting to long to be where you are. I think it will be such a relief when none of it is my problem anymore.

Anonymous said...

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