Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank You For Reminding Me...

So, it's been a head-spinning crazy kind of week since I found out I was no longer "necessary" in the eyes of the evil overlord. And while I am in good company of people that are in the same boat, it still kind of sucks.

But I'm trying to be positive......and this is a reach at such tasks...

Long, long ago - I was dating an idiot. Technically I was engaged to the idiot. But don't hold that against me. It ended - badly. And he spent much of my last year in the same town proving what an ass he was with his behavior and choices. One night, I was particularly upset - and I called him. (dumb girl moment) He - of course, failed to be the support that I needed. He failed epically.

My next obvious step was to call my dad. And his answer was something like this...You deserve better, he's an idiot, he's acting like an idiot. You need to thank him for reminding you WHY you don't want to be with him. Every time he's an ass (there were many examples for me to reference - and many more to come) THANK HIM - at least in your mind. Because he is giving your proof that walking away from him was the right thing - and you should keep going that way.

Yes, you have permission to use this with whatever girlfriend will benefit in the future.

So I'm applying this to my current status of job-less-ness.

1. Thank you for firing me because I already knew you were contemplating firing me...and the idea of sitting with you at a table and having nice conversations for another contract year all the while knowing you are planning my demise - not my idea of fun.

2. Thank you. I will never again have to wonder when you say "don't do this" if you mean "do this" but only when the moon is full or when it's raining on Venus or some other nonsense.

3. Thank you. Because even as you burn all of our jobs to the ground - you can't stop lying and mis-communicating and stepping on toes.

4. Thank you. Because I will never again be accused of "writing my own story" - as if it is my problem that I find it offensive that you'd rather execute people than to ask questions and have conversations about OPTIONS.

5. Thank you. Because you have pushed me into a place that I likely would not have stepped on my own...and while I don't know exactly where that is yet - I'm sure it will be more hospitable than being one of your employees.

6. Thank you for kicking me off your boat. I am pretty sure that karma is going to come take a big chunk out of your ass - and I'd rather not be standing close by when it happens.

7. Thank you - because of the way you handled this entire situation - I think the whole world is one step closer to seeing your true colors. It only takes one power-hungry person to ruin the reputation of an immaculate 20 some year old organization. (Your mother would be so proud.) I think it takes true class to blame the victim - it's a wonder tactic that I often see 3 year-olds use (or bullies or abusers). Congrats on your maturity.

8. Finally, Thank you for reminding me - that if the ONLY nice words I have EVER received from you are two days after you have kicked me off the either didn't have the sense to value me before or you are just being a bad winner. Either way - you officially suck in my book.

My loving and supportive agency - who was NOT responsible, pleased, or supportive of this plan to let my whole department go - has decided to foot the bill for things that our lame-O funders did not value. Like giving us notice, extending our health care two months and paying us for our vacation time - all out of their own not-for-profit pockets. Which reminds me to Thank THEM for being such decent people. And makes me sad that I have to leave.

I'm sure that they will continue to give me reasons to be thankful until the very end...I'll hope that it serves as motivation to push forward and stop looking back.

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Karen said...

It's good to keep telling yourself reasons you're glad (or, at least not too upset) about why this is happening. Even if you don't always feel that way, just keep telling yourself you do until that something better comes along.