Saturday, July 17, 2010

Survival of Soccer Camp

Goal 27 was to send the kiddo to soccer camp.

This week - I clocked many hours driving to camp (1/2 day event), sitting and watching camp (making great progress on knitting shrug), and driving home. We spent 15 hours driving and 20 hours improving skills and having fun.

We were able to also visit an out of town pal (goal 6) do some lunch, spend some gift cards at places that are not located anywhere near our homeland and soak up some sun, pool-side. Total success.

And I made a bleacher buddy by tackling goal 15 - and talking to another mom that was a complete stranger. Soccer Mom's Unite!

Additional benefits of the week - I think that I lost several pounds of myself by project "extreme sweat". I got to do lots of people watching - because there is nothing more bizarre to watch than the behavior of parents with young children. I was serenaded every single day by a group of campers that happened to meet in our park shelter for song time. I hope that their songs soon are deleted from my mental play know how the most annoying songs are the ones that get stuck the easiest?

I am close enough to being done with my knitting project that I am now compulsively measuring after every other know, just in case I magically have reached "the end".

On top of all of this - we also wrapped up baseball season. A week full of wins! Adding another 12.5 hours (4 games) of bleacher time to my week. Is it any wonder that my butt wants a bleacher vacation?

Mother nature did NOT behave herself very nicely for the occasion. She did provide the occasional mild breeze (thanks), excessive heat warnings (no thanks), and on the final day...she sent a storm system that I was pretty sure would be the end of us in rush hour traffic. After some frightening moments, driving blind, and pretty much being deaf from the noise of wind / pounding rain...we found the sunshine, slowed our pulses, and returned home safely.

All in all... a very good, but very long week. Hoping to recover this weekend.

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Janet said...

Sounds like a very productive week! I don't know how you can knit in the heat. I think that would give me the heebie geebies. Is this the shrug you've been working on forever?