Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wishing Wednesday

Week 13:
The one that is full of lengthy explanations and mostly about TV...

I wish that Adult Swim would stop messing with the master volume. I use to be able to sleep with the volume on 15 - now I start the night with 13 and I swear, at 3:00 in the morning - I have to take it down to 9.

I wish that the Mystery Stride Gum commercial would stop playing. You know, the one where the men are riding ostriches and bust through the walls and then the ostrich turkey taps the dude with fierce aggression? First, it brings back the Kool-Aid man fears -with all that busting through walls. Second, an ostrich is the kind of animal that you is pretty mild-mannered. That is until you realize they could peck and stomp you to death without breaking a sweat. Third, tall animals just heighten my "short girl" complex and long necks make me wonder about those tribal rings that stretch know, like if I did that - could I really be 6 foot tall?

I wish that this commercial would stop playing - the song is addictive, or at least the melody is - but right now, when I'm TRYING to remember it - they lyrics escape me. But I swear this is the kind of thing that will not leave your subconscious - do not watch it...

I wish I knew why there was a plague of acne commercials last weekend - on EVERY channel, on EVERY break. Is it seasonal? Is it a pandemic?

I wish I understood why Family Guy and King of the Hill are appropriate prime time shows when they run on their original channels -yet the same shows required parental warnings when they run on Adult Swim.

How about you? What are you wishing for this week?


Karen said...

I wish I knew why you were watching Adult Swim at 3 in the morning on a regular basis. :-)

Janet said...

I wish you had a DVR so you could avoid the plague of commercials like I do. I swear, I'm oblivious to all of them. I just fast forward and get on with the show. No tolerance for commercials.

I also wish you good luck with your day tomorrow!