Thursday, March 4, 2010

I've Been Dumped by the Universe

Some things have kind of slid by the way, during my month long wouldn't-it-be-fun-to-be-a-human-petri-dish....I will admit.

Laundry has been done on an emergency only basis.

Cooking is a sport I do not participate in.

Eating is mostly optional - unless medications dictates otherwise.

So, it's no surprise that my email has gotten a bit out of control. I've been pretty regular about dumping / sorting the SPAM file - but the "real" mail? Well, if I thought it contained any important detail at all - it was best left for a day when I had BRAIN function.

And so - at first, I didn't notice the silent treatment. Until....

Janet mentioned her message from The Universe - you can sign up for a daily (weekday) message that helps you focus on your greater mission in life - just in case you are like me, and from time to time you find yourself drowning in the daily details...who has time to think long term? I can't even plan dinner menus for a week- clearly I need these messages.

But the Universe has stopped sending me a daily message. Why? Have I ceased to exist? How long since they last acknowledged me? Have I offended? Is this some kind of secret message / hidden meaning? Should I be insulted? Should I sulk? Do you send flowers for this sort of thing? Does Hallmark make a card for this occasion? One must do you win back the love of the Universe?

Until then...lacking daily focus and guidance from the stars...wish me luck!


Janet said...

Ah, I wouldn't take it personally. Perhaps The Universe has been busy? Perhaps it lost your address? Perhaps it's working really hard on it's novel/screenplay/poetry anthology and just hasn't had time to write?

I think I'd go sign up again, just to be sure. Just don't do it 20 times and hang up.

Karen said...

Maybe you should buy it some chocolate and paint its toe nails.

Cole said...

Thanks for dropping by! :-) I'd definitely suck up to the universe. Just don't write it a 6 page double sided letter professing your undying love, mmkay? Hahahaha!

Michelle said...

You say the universe doesn't like you, but I'm thinking one less email to read is a good thing. At least for me. I'm working on whittling down my email inbox - I'm at 330 something from over 500. I've got a ways to go ;) Good luck getting back in the universe's good graces!