Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wishing Wednesdays

Week 10 : So close to spring...I can taste it!

  • I wish that my palm plant(purchase at greatly reduced rate) would decide that life sounds better than death and begin to be green again.
  • I wish that the lovely person who refuses to return the much-needed gardening book to the library would find the book, pay the fee, or just simply bring it back.
  • I wish it wasn't my "secret Monday".
  • I wish to be healthy enough to get my allergy shot this week - before I have to start back over to build up my resistance.
  • I wish that Stephanie would feel the love and go ahead and publish Midnight Sun - seriously, Stephanie I PROMISE to purchase the final copy.
What are you wishing for?


Karen said...

I wish I never had to hear a reference to Stephenie Meyers again...


Sending you healthy thoughts, and hoping the karma comes back around. This being sick stuff is no fun!

Janet said...

I made my wishes. And I wish that all your wishes come true!

Michelle said...

I can tell Karen doesn't like her... Stephenie Meyer (singluar) ;) Is she really looking at potentially releasing it? I'd absolutely buy and read it!

Fingers crossed on the gardening book (I hear ya on those things) and the allergy shots. I don't envy you that.