Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishing Wednesdays NOT

Week 12:

The NOT SPOT - a few things that I am NOT wishing for this week...

I do NOT wish for any pork. No more catered meals with pork tainted menus. No more pork recipes.

I do NOT have any desire to bake any cake that involves rolling. I do not care how pretty it looks in the professional picture.

I do NOT wish for any more moments where all spelling skills exit my mind. (When it is so bad that spell check can not help you - you have a problem.)

I do NOT wish for shoes to be either supportive / comfortable OR to be cute. Call me picky - but I want both. Preferably, in a price range that I could not confuse with a car payment.

I do NOT wish for any more news stories of children that have disappeared - only to find out that the ones that are "missing" them are the reason they are gone.

What are you NOT wishing for this week?


Karen said...

Regina, I hope your week gets better!

I am NOT wishing for more stuff to do. I've already given up sleeping and eating. If I can't have more hours in the day, then I don't want a longer To Do list!

Janet said...

Sorry I didn't do my own post today. Busy busy busy!

I'm not wishing for more surveys to be sent in at work.

I'm not wishing for more rain to come and flood my basement more and make my doggies muddier.

I'm not wishing for another long day at work tomorrow.

Michelle said...

Yikes. Should I ask about the pork aversion? I'm totally with you on the rolling cakes part, but I at least was smart(?) enough to never try that one in the first place.