Friday, May 21, 2010

Wishing It Was Wednesday

Week 20: (Notice I have counted and have myself back on schedule! Now if only the week wasn't breezing by me...)

Thankful that - I have mastered the ability to count and know what week we are on.

Thankful that - the concrete dudes must read my blog - they showed up that very afternoon after last weeks wish!

Thankful that -hosta's arrived in healthy status - even if they were late.

Wishing for...

I wish that this "not hungry" phase would last long enough to jump start some lowering scale numbers.

I wish that time in the office would pass as quickly as time off.

I wish that a certain gal pal would meet her Mr. Perfect.

I wish for nice weather for the holiday weekend (this would also enable the quicker completion of the concrete pad).

Hope your week is flying by with lots of wishes coming true!

1 comment:

Funny in My Mind said...

I wish my stomach would let me forget to eat. And I wish it would only let me eat healthy things.
We are supposed to have nice weather here.

Time off does pass so quickly, I agree.

Have a great holiday weekend!!!