Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wishing Wednesday

Week XX? : who knows?

I wish I had mastered the skill of counting and that I could know how many weeks we've been at this.

I wish for answers to my summer school / child care / transportation to summer school / vacation schedule issues.

I wish for quickness on the parts of the concrete masters that will be building a pool pad - seriously people clock is ticking, get here soon.

I wish for the survival of my new orchid...may it be resilient and long blooming.

I wish that my glasses order would be right, fast, and that I will be properly rewarded for not shoving them up their arses the first two times they mucked up the order.


Karen said...

Right now, I just wish my headache would go away.

Michelle said...

I think the school / car / etc issues pretty endemic. I've got lots of them myself... among others. I just wish all the bad would disappear!