Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Crazy Dreams

Sometimes it doesn't pay to go to bed early...

1. The birds.

There was a seriously large penguin, a parrot, and some other large bird walking toward me - thier faces were filled with menacing evil. Clearly they were going to peck me to death.

2. Death by Snake Bite

I was being forced to be bitten by a poisionous snake. (Serious phobia alert!) I was trying to debate would it be better to be bitten by the scary large snake - who would likely kill me quicker or by the smaller snake - would would maybe have smaller teeth but might not kill me as quickly. I was still debating and trying to hold the small snake back - it slithered around in it's sneaky-snake way and the fangs went straight through my hand - and it was STUCK there. (My heart races as I type the words.)

3. I mapped out my entire back yard in flower beds.

Who needs grass? My hubby would be perfectly happy if he only had to mow paths in the backyard. So after a day of plant shopping and spring fever - I thought it best to dream compulsively about plant's light needs and good flower-bed mates and adult heights and fertlizer needs. It was not a plan that involved restful sleep.

4. The dream where you forget you are married.

Do you ever have this? A perfectly innocent dream about some love interest and then you REMEMBER - in your dream (because in real life I NEVER forget that I am married - not even for a second - certainly not long enough to FLIRT) that you are married and then you feel horrible in your dream for "cheating" even though you know it was a dream - one that you are still dreaming. Exhausting.

5. It's spring and I'm fearful of winter storms.

We had a long relentless winter. Has this scarred me? Maybe so. Because recently I was planning a large event and for a week had dreams that we were going to have a snowstorm that day - and that my speakers wouldn't be able to make it in...but the money wasn't refundable....and what would I do? Luckily - no snow. Not even rain.

6. The Ducks have weapons.

I'm wondering what has caused my dream-land aversion to birds. But after getting some house work done (in real life) and having the realization that we have a woodpecker living near us / visiting our house / and sometimes pecking it (in real life) I had a dream that I chased the woodpecker with a broom only to find myself surrounded by angry ducks. Each was armed with extra large bills. Is death by pecking a common fear?

7. Being lost, losing things, and wandering aimlessly.

I don't need a dream interpretation degree to deduce that this just MIGHT be related to the emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty known current as "my job".

8. Again with the birds.

I'm holding a baby bald eagle - he's wickedly pecking my hand. Why am I holding him? Don't know. Why is he relentlessly pecking me? Maybe he wants me to let go?

9. Jolly Giants

I'm going to a professional basketball game (alone)- have no clue how to get there, it involes much travel, and I'm very late starting. I get there and I have a front row seat - which interestingly is an office chair on wheels that slides wonderfully all over the court sidelines. I call my son to see who I should cheer for - but I don't even know who is playing (they are team green and team blue). I can't hear him b/c there are a flood of people coming into the arena.

The teams are warming up and one player comes over to say hi. (Of course, I don't know WHO he is - just that he's famous.) And he's a giant. Like he squats down with his knees on the floor and he's still towering over me. And I scream (b/c that is what short people do when towered over by freakishly tall men). And it makes the headlines in the paper the next day.

Maybe it's a side effect of the weather...but I'm looking forward to the return of RESTFUL sleep.


Janet said...

I had to laugh at the giant one.

I've had weird dreams lately too. The other night many characters from the Young and the Restless were in my dream.

And I woke up yesterday morning from having a terrible nightmare that R would not let me sleep. It was 5 a.m. and he had invited crazy loud people into the bedroom, was turning on all the lights, playing music. I was VERY angry. And I think I kind of held it against him all day.

Karen said...

I'll have some of whatever you're having. Your dreams sound so much more interesting than mine!

Michelle said...

Yowsers those are some intense dreams. I enjoy dreaming but not when I wake up still unrested. Here's hoping dreamland starts treating you a little better!