Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishing Wednesdays

Week 8: Still wishing... it's one of those BLUE days.

  • I wish "week 7" hadn't gotten lost in the chaos of my life.
  • I wish that babies came to the people who are sitting and wishing and all too prepared to have them.
  • I wish that words could be said / heard without guilt lingering around afterwards.
  • I wish that when a friend shares their pain - they would instantly feel the relief from the amount of that burden that I carry with me for them.
  • I wish that smiles and laughter would win over tears and silence.


Janet said...

Hang in there! Summer will be here soon with sunny days and time off from work!

And I agree with the thing about carrying the burden from a friend's pain. I had a friend tell me once that I genuinely FEEL what other people are feeling. Not just that I sympathize or can understand, but I take on for myself whatever they feel. It's awesome when it's a happy thing, not so great if it's bad feelings.

Must post my own wishes...

Michelle said...

I have that same melancholy feeling that you describe above. I think it's got to be this time of year... and I hope that with March and sunlight, it becomes that much easier and lighter and happier.

Especially that baby part. I have a friend who REALLY needs that. And I do mean needs.