Friday, February 12, 2010

My Life In A Box

This week, work involved a pretty big event. And gave me reason to reflect on how my work life seems to be overwhelmed with boxes, packing and unpacking. On my last self-evaluation, I listed that boxes were one of my least satisfying aspects of work - sometimes I swear I work for a delivery or moving service. (and that wouldn't be a problem - if it weren't for the fact that I really DON'T- or so they say. I'll let you decide.)

1. Shop for items needed.
2. Pack them in bags.
3. Pack bags in cart.
4. Unload from cart.
5. Load in to car.

At office:
6. Unload materials to pack into participant bags.
7. Fill each bag.
8. Realize that boss has additional suggestions of materials to be included.
9. Pack bags again with these materials.
10. Ugh. Forgot "gifts" to be included.
11. Pack bags a final time.
12. Pack the packed bags into boxes for easier transport.

Table decorations:
13. Unpack previously shopped for materials for decorations.
14. Make flower arrangements.
15. Pack finished arrangements into box for transport.

16. Pack ALL listed boxes into car.
(Also, pack all personal items needed for event / required paperwork / misc supplies needed.)
17. Go to event site to set up - only to find room is being used and set up will not be possible until tomorrow. Grumble, grumble, then give up and go home.

Next day:
18. Unpack car enough to fit child in to transport to school.
19. Repack car to go to event site.
20. Unload car.
21. Set up site / unpack all materials.
22. Repack car with empty boxes (no room for out-of-site storage).
23. Have event.
24. Mid-event, receive (against my will) delivery of MANY huge boxes that I am now in charge of should the intended parties NOT pick them up - for which they were NOT pre-warned.
25. Pass off boxes to unsuspecting participants.
24. Unpack boxes from car.
25. Repack items that are left.
26. Repack items into car.
27. Return to office.
28. Unpack boxes from car.

29. Still left to do - unpack all those boxes.
30. Sort through materials.
31. Repack those that are re-usable.
32. File or dispose those that are event specific.
33. Recycle boxes that are now empty and no longer needed.

Take into account that I have about 8 more events (smaller - but packing is still involved) in the next 20 days and you begin to see why I am a Chick in a Box. (weak reference to Man in A Box song).


lol said...

Its amazing how many boxes can add up in a month. As a kid my siblings and i played with them. Now they slowly turn into a mountain in my garage!

Janet said...

This is why I feel that "Pack Mule" should be part of our job descriptions. I feel your pain.

Karen said...

Ugh. I am SO glad my job involves very little packing of anything.

Well, until this summer when we have to pack the entire library into boxes. But at least we won't have to move them.