Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lost in Transition

We are approaching a year since my I-LOVED-IT job was pulled right out from under me. And reflecting back on the year, I've just kind of been riding the waves- aimlessly getting by, and faking it-all the while being lost in transition.

And then I realized - the last 2 years of that "Love It" job- were described OVER and OVER by the evil overlords as "a year of transition". Things were changing faster than we could comprehend, communication was hard (or hardly happening), no one had a road map - and the whole thing was like a snowball rolling downhill......with a cliff at the end. So it's no wonder - that this year feels like it's been FOREVER - like I've really been wandering lost for about 3 years - and I'm tired and want to plant myself in a place where I can grow. (And decorate.)

I was very fortunate to find an opening that allowed me to stay with the non-profit that I do love dearly. It was temporary but it was such a gift. Not just for the paycheck - which was greatly appreciated, but because it let me try a different kind of work out (one that I might have been afraid to try - had it not come with an expiration date).

Before that job ended, another position became vacant in another department. It too, was a job that I had NEVER considered doing in all the years that I have known of it. But it was a job that I considered to be a stepping stone. There is retirement in the air for the department lead, and I was in told I could be part of their succession plan. So while this job did not come with an official expiration date, I've kind of been standing in line to reach a higher goal.

And amazing thing happened. After YEARS of discussion and planning and wishing...our organization has been lucky enough to be able to start a whole new program - a HUGE-will have it's own 3 story building - kind of program! I remember hearing about this dream / job long ago when I was sitting at my beloved desk and thinking - that sounds interesting...if I ever want to shake things up, that might be the road to go down.

So while I've been marking time and learning new things and trying to see if the shoes of this potential department-lead job would fit me - another road was being constructed. Now, I will be marking time for my 2 weeks notice- tying up loose ends, sadly - preparing to not be surrounded by some great people that I have grown fond of, and packing up to head to a job that I can make my NEW-GONNA-LOVE-IT-and make it all mine - job!

Little did I know, that the universe was pushing me, shaking me up, and sometimes bruising me so that I would be ready for this next chapter. It's been a while - but the party is on!


Janet said...

I'm so happy for you! I really think you will enjoy this new road, and I'm wishing only good things for you in this new position.

Laura Darling said...

I guess everything really goes happen for a reason!!!

Karen Peterson said...

That is so amazing, Regina! I'm really excited for you. It's amazing to watch how things manage to work themselves out.