Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time Flies...Random Details

I can not even imagine how it got to be June. And how I have been such a bad "poster".

Let's catch up...

Since January - I've taken a position that is not my dream job (it's been open several times before and I've never even considered applying). It's a good job as jobs go, mostly I like that I am still in the same company and get to be surrounded by the same people. I have now worked in every department, every building, and every floor for this organization. I am officially well-rounded. I am also an easy target to be volunteered for any / every committee and project that comes up - because I know "something" about "everything". Let's call that job security!

I've become a Netflix Junkie! I have discovered that if you take an "okay" television series and digest the whole season in a weekend - you can really get sucked in. So I've digested Greek, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang, and am slowly working on Skins. In other viewing, I'm kind of feeling empty by the end of Big Love but jazzed about the return of Weeds.

Speaking of Weeds...this show always brings on my craving for an iced coffee drink. I dedicated a portion of my Memorial Day weekend to cracking the code to a chilled coffee drink that is the perfect balance of yummy and reasonable-to-assemble-in-the-chaotic-A.M. Success was achieved and I promise to share.

We celebrated the end of 4th grade for the kiddo. A year that will go down in my memory book as being filled with ridiculous projects for which children seemed to be able to "buy" a good grade...since home made supplies did not earn as many points. This lead to several rant-filled adventures to find 3-D objects... for a revolutionary war timeline (I have never been so pleased to find plastic army men, erasers shaped like headstones, and a practical use for my origami skills) a scavenger hunt for a plant that could pass for sassafras, and a search for an Artic Hare and Artic Fox,-for the record these can be found in the toy aisle at your local Target. We also built a car for Stewart Little (since it didn't have to be to scale I can not for the life of me understand how this became a "lesson"). We (he) read 7,000+ pages, received his first ever "B" for a quarter, spent the rest of the year working to average out that "B" so that we would have "A's" for the year (he did it) and we got to see "the puberty" video. Thanks to our family viewing of King of the Hill - he had already been introduced to many of these concepts- my thanks to Hank, Joseph, Bobby, Lou Anne and Connie.

The pool is opened. The garden is in (2nd year square foot gardening). Baseball season has begun - the organizers continue to prove that "planning and organization" are not universal skills.

Thanks for hanging around -I'll be updating my 1001 goals, posting about gardens, crafts, and more.


Funny in My Mind said...

In a desperate fit one day, I found Drop dead Diva on Netflix. Love it! Also Royal Pains.
Do tell about the iced coffee...
Summer is here, enjoy it!

Janet said...

Ooh, I didn't know you were watching Big Bang Theory! And I too am anxious for Weeds to resume. They always manage to leave a gal hanging!

Karen Peterson said...

Welcome back!

Netflix certainly IS addicting, and all that stuff about 4th grade projects makes me mad. What are they learning by buying everything and why should that be worth more points that going to the effort of making it? Sorry, I'll get off the soap box.