Monday, September 6, 2010

Wishing Weekends?

Week 33:

  • I wish that this new work schedule didn't seem to suck my sense of time into a dark vortex - somehow I missed Wednesday...and then got swooped up until the weekend.
  • I wish I knew how the kiddo got to be 10 years old while I have not aged a day. (Okay, it's wishful thinking here...let me enjoy myself.)
  • I wish I could figure out how to get my hen and chick seeds to sprout.
  • I wish for good news to come to those patiently (or anxiously) waiting for grant decisions.
  • I wish for everyone to enjoy their bonus weekend day - don't we deserve more of these?
Highlights from the week:
  • Dropped my first UA. And seriously - why is the wording "dropped"...b/c eeeewwww - don't DROP it, please!
  • Found a praying mantis on my office window - he chilled with me for most of the day (from his side of the screen).
  • Watched a storm blow over the city skyline - I seriously have a nice view from my temporary location.
  • Discovered a new "healthified" brownie recipe - will share.
  • After years of effort - we've FINALLY attracted our very own humming bird! Yeah!

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