Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wishing Wednesdays - 14

Week 14:
The one that is dedicated to a select few of my co-workers:
(And while it sounds crabby - this week has not been quite as intolerable as others.)

I wish you did not often motivate me to try out the theory that "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder" far, I'm thinking that is nice way to invite you to go away.

I wish you could figure out / remember to replace the copier with WHITE paper (you know the STANDARD color of office paper) when you are done using it. And that I didn't find the paper tray empty on every other trip.

I wish you could respect the fact that the sink is NOT for a holding ground for your plant! It is for hand washing. Furthermore, if the plant never leaves the bathroom sink / counter - one must wonder why it continues to be a necessary item in this workspace.

I wish that you could let go of the passive / aggressive behavior and get off your high horse. Is it really such a chore to say "good morning" or "see you tomorrow"?

I wish you would know that when you "sneak" out for your long lunches / errand running...oops, I mean "meetings" that we are perfectly aware of your absence.

I wish I could wrap my mind around why a trashcan of recycling is offensive to your eyes - but food left uncovered overnight is okay? Paper waiting to be carried to the recycling bin (by magic fairies - I assume) thrown on a chair and left for DAYS in public view is acceptable? The logic escapes me.

What about you? Do you have wishes for your co-workers too? Go ahead...
We'll return to our regularly scheduled "nice-ness" next week.

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Karen said...

I wish my coworker would take the rest of the week off and get over being sick.

I wish my boss would stop using my earbuds, because it's kind of gross to stick something in your ear that's been in someone else's.

I wish the college students I work with would start thinking for themselves and stop expecting me to come up with solutions to all of their problems.

I feel a little better now. Thanks!