Friday, April 30, 2010

The Problem with Being Your Own Pack Leader

If you are considering bringing a dog into your home - beware, consider this post your warning!

In our house...we have these two poochies and three people. It appears that I am the only one that "speaks dog". I am the only one that can interpret the dog cocking her head to the side and doing an anxious dance....(that means, please check our water bowl and you will see that it is EMPTY.)

IF, you are preoccupied and don't catch on quickly. They will revert to doing the "stand on back two legs and jump repeatedly for the ceiling" if you happen to turn the faucet on at the kitchen sink... you see how they are?

Anyway, somehow - the dogs have come to learn that I am the person that will meet their physical needs. Let me clarify....

I am the ONLY person that will meet their needs.

Now, in all fairness - this is not really the truth of the situation. The child will feed or water the dogs if this need is pointed out to him. He will let the dogs out. He will let the dogs in. (Usually with prompting.)

Hubby has also mastered the art of dog care- in the event that I am not home (be that for an evening or for multiple days).

BUT, if I am home...the dogs will not accept the care of anyone other than their pack leader. Sure, it sound cute and like it's a complement of adoration....

Fast forward to any point in the middle of the night...hubby may be just coming to bed - I may already be in deep slumber mode. IF the dogs decide they need to go outside - NO amount of prompting from hubby will suffice. I will have to get up to let them out or they simply won't go (yet they will continue to skitter across the wood floor in a pacing manner from their bed to the bedroom door in a maddeningly disturbing way until you wake up).

It does not matter if I am sick. It does not matter if I have worked 40 hours in 3 days. It doesn't matter if I'm grumpy. They simply won't accept an offer from anyone else to meet their night time potty needs if I am present in the house.

Something to consider, if you are thinking that "Pack Leader" sounds like a good title. The fine print = solid night sleep no longer guaranteed.


Janet said...

I have the same situation. R jokes, "Why don't you take those two dogs with you" every time I get up. Because they do follow me. To the bathroom, to the basement, outside, to the kitchen, wherever I go. Yet somehow they manage to survive when I'm gone.

Lisa said...

I am way too selfish to ever have a pet. Your post only adds to what I have known. :)