Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Tom Is A Dream Guy

(A.K.A. Lessons for any man in hopes of becoming Mr. Perfect for some lady)

1. Tom is very clear.
2. Tom is very reliable.
3. Tom is always willing to go out with you - regardless of the shopping mission.
4. Tom is very aware of his tone.
5. When you f' it all up - Tom adapts.
6. Tom understands the importance of timely arrival.
7. Tom is not distracted by sporting events nor does he need a remote.
8. Tom can not be tempted by the fruit of another.
9. Tom is always available.
10. Tom is always right, but doesn't have to point it out.

And in case you are wondering - I'm speaking of "Tom" the Tom Tom GPS.
If only I could find one of these to keep me on track in my life as well as it does in my travels!
Now that would be a dream!

1 comment:

Janet said...

I might also note that Tom does not leave the toilet seat up, nor does he leave his dirty socks in the floor.

It was awesome hanging out with you this evening!