Monday, December 28, 2009

SNOW is a 4 Letter Word

Not so long ago, I introduced my son to the art of snowflake making. Then I even discovered these 3D wonders online and had to try that out too.

Now, we are decorated with over 100 snow flakes and growing. It's beautiful. There are stories about some - shapes that inspired them (Yoda's head, our Chihuahua's outline when laying on her back, raindrops, sporting teams logos, etc). So we've safely mastered the art of snowflake production - with both round and square bases. And we've made memories. And we've had a lot of fun and laughter doing it.

And it WAS a wonderful way to get into the spirit of the season.

And then Mother Nature came along and dumped all over our little world.

We've officially been in 2 blizzards this year. And we aren't even out of December yet! And I don't live in Alaska. Seriously, I understand that some people have dreamy eyes when they speak of a "white Christmas"...but wake up people! Snow = delays, unsafe travel, road crew workers being stuck in overtime around the clock and the chore of digging your car out - not once but 3 times in 3 days. And really, after you've safely covered the grass and given everything a nice dusting of powdery white - the rest is really unnecessary! We are sitting in 10ish inches of UNnecessary snow. At what point do you just give up and say - oh well, the outside world wasn't that great anyway---let's stay in?

I just saw the weather forecast. He said the S word. Again. I'm logging off before I'm overcome with the desire to send him hate mail--only because mother nature's inbox is full.

Enjoy the season. Somewhere there is a beach - it deserves to be used!

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Janet said...

I'm kind of liking it myself, but then I haven't had NEARLY as much as you have. I mean, the first blizzard you had was only rain for me. And this time, I got maybe half what you did. Plus, I like being inside. Hee hee! Let's hope for the best Wednesday!