Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Moon Thoughts in the Early Hours of Twilight

So I know that I am WAY LATE in sharing my opinion to the world, but good things /good company are worth the wait. AND - most of these ideas came to me around 3 in the morning - so if it's perplexing enough in my mind to disturb sleep, it's good enough to share with you (and thanks for being here so I have an outlet).

The list of perplexing things that I will have to go back and re-read...

1. I do not think that in the book Jacob left Edward with the impression that Bella was dead ON PURPOSE - this makes him seem like a cold hearted, jerk. Maybe he didn't KNOW that Edward would proceed onto plan "suicide" but still - the movie made it seem like he KNEW who he was talking to, so those paying attention should have been throwing popcorn at the screen.

2. I do not remember the heart attack being linked to a close encounter with Victoria - I will admit that in book 2, my main concern was either getting Edward back or developing the love interest with Jacob -so it is completely possibly that these facts escaped my eyes. And I realize that linking them together built drama and helped to close some gaps in the movie.

3. Did the book really come so close to "killing" Edward? (They grab his head - leading to Bell's cries "no, no, please NO"- btw, great dialog!) Maybe I just couldn't fathom a world without Edward - but killing him (or coming close) makes NO sense - they had already said his talents were too much to waste, he didn't make a scene, and yes - Bella knew "the secrets" BUT, if they were going to have to OFF her anyway (which obviously they would) they could torture Edward by doing her first. Right? AND, if they could see all of Edwards memories - wouldn't they already see how much she loved him? But again, maybe this is just editing / movie making technique - or maybe I'm wrong about the details.

General thoughts that I can't shake...
1. I'm curious about what happened to Stephanie Meyer in regards to age. Did you get brushed off by a BF that went to college before you? Are you married to a super old dude? Seriously, what is with the obsession with big age gaps? Bella and Edward, Jacob and little bambino eventually, I think there's someone else from the Werewolf pack that is imprinted with a young one - names escape me. And if you step out of Twilight and into Host - there is the same thing there with younger bodies holding the older souls making the difference in age a "non-issue".

2. Knowing that this book is targeted at young readers - I'm having that moment of parental reflection- what are we REALLY saying about love here? Apparently unless you are unable to function, shut down your social life completely, and have raging nightmares and a lack of desire to live - you really didn't love the dude. ? And how much do girls NOT need to have the idea that if you just cared a little more - he'd eventually come back and all would be well. If we referred to our "He's Just Not That Into You" handbook - Bella, would definitely be told to MOVE ON, let go, and get on with that little thing called life - and possibly, look into a prescription medication.

3. Bella has some serious personal space issues - like apparently, she doesn't think people need any. Do you often talk to people that you know would like to jump your bones with your bodies like 3 inches apart from one another? (Unless you are playing mind games) I know I read a blog where someone suggested that Edward becomes jealous and stalker-like. But seriously, it's kind of Bella that goes into Edward-cult mode. She has the one track mind, she isolates herself from others, she can't even pay attention in class when he's nearby. Obsessed much?

Overall, I liked the movie and still love the books. There is something hypnotic about reading them and clearly she is onto some key elements that pull us all in - I'm just questioning if it is all the dysfunctional stuff that makes us love it. But I'll be there for the next one - eating it all up and taking time to consider it later...

On a very funny note. Post show, I was gifted a very appropriate parting-favor.

I am greatly amused that such a book exists! Does this mean that "He's Just Not That Into You" has tricked down to popularity with the young readers? Maybe there is hope to put all this Bella/Edward love into perspective after all. (Thanks Janet!)

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