Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Without Commercials

Somehow it is already June and I've not done very good about reporting my progress on 101 goals in 1001 days. Sure, I've blocked them out from time to time- but I really haven't "shared".

I talked my son into joining me on the adventure of life without television for 1 week.

Once upon a time I had a handful (okay, more like 2 handfuls) of shows that I kept up on. This year has been a blur and I've given up on all of them.

My TV viewing seems to be mindless hours of Nickelodeon (with child)- watching the SAME episode of the SAME shows over and over and over. (I'm considering muting the television and seeing if we can act out all the lines...because really, it's THAT BAD! But then again he feels that way about Law & Order marathons; so maybe we are even.) My other daily pleasure is King of the Hill - as it has become the opening show for Adult Swim. Sometimes I "watch" it. Sometimes I listen - glasses off / totally blind - but it's a peaceful and pleasurable lullaby for me to fall asleep to.

On weekends I tend to get sucked into a vortex of Lifetime, House Hunting / House Remodeling shows, various shows that I randomly flip through, and Netflix.

Between baseball, summer school, the pool, and "other stuff we should be doing" - I thought this would be about as painless a time as ever to embark on our week without viewing.

And it hasn't been so terrible...

The weekend was the hardest - and I'm thankful that we were out of town and busy to make time pass quicker. I miss Hank on a nightly basis. But I've slept okay every night without the TV running (yes, it generally runs all night - bad habit, I know). Because the weather is either REALLY hot or just kind of hot - missing the forecast hasn't been detrimental. So really during the weekdays - we've barely missed our viewing at all.

We've even talked about doing a little "overtime" and extending it a few days. Or maybe, making it a policy not to watch during the week at all. We'll see ...

I think what we have noticed the most is that we seem to have more time now. More reading is happening. Chores don't get put off as long. No one has gone into shock and needed medical attention.

So there you go. One more goal is close to being met... How about you? Ever gone on a TV vacation? Are you meeting your yearly goals?


Emily said...

Hey Regina, thanks for stopping by my Thought Blog!

I LOVE this post. I've been thinking about the same thing lately. I really wonder if I could go a whole week without watching any TV. A few months ago, I canceled my cable and now my family and I only watch DVDs. Thanks to Netflix, the Internet, Podcasts and TV shows on DVD, I often forget we don't have cable.

But, now that we've adjusted to this new way of life, my next goal is to try keeping the TV off for one whole week. I think it'd be a great challenge. I'll see what the husband thinks. :)

Janet said...

My ex-husband and I cancelled the satellite once, but it was more out of necessity (as in, not being able to pay the bill) than anything. We survived.

If you decide to go back to tv watching, I highly recommend The Big Bang Theory. This is my latest television obsession. I'm slowly watching all the back episodes from Netflix. It's HILARIOUS.

Karen said...

I'll second Janet's recommendation. The Big Bang Theory is one of the FUNNIEST shows on television right now. LOVE IT!

I once went a year and a half without watching TV. It was when I was on a mission and watching TV was against the rules. I thought it would be hard to give up some of my shows, but it was really no big deal. Giving up TV is only hard if you make it hard.