Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Land of Broken

These past weeks have been a lesson in how all things that sound simple - are actually a list of multi-step processes that may test your sanity. We've been working for over two months to get phone, cable, and Internet hooked up in the new building. It took about one month just to get the phone NUMBERS (thanks to a hostile take over of the cable company). We are currently running with Internet and ONE (of three) phone lines - and no one can define a date when work will begin - as a matter of fact, we spent a few days just trying to keep the Internet working.

It appears that 99% of construction is done - this just leaves much (MUCH) cleaning, moving of furniture, and final touches. The elevator has gone from fickle to consistently-on-vacation and I've got the repair man on speed dial.

I've discovered one - of many- cast iron pipes that I could put my hand super-powers involved. I'm putting the plumber on speed dial next. I've also toiled with the copy machine, the security system, the polices and procedures, and then mother nature threw us a curve ball that resulted in DAYS of partial electricity and a pile of tree debris.

At least I can not complain about being bored or about "slow" days. Time flies when your "to do" list keeps throwing you curve balls!


Funny in My Mind said...

I feel your pain, sister!
Hope everything is ready and running very soon.

Janet said...

You have internet now? :-) Does this mean you'll soon be able to chat again? I mean, like when you're not plumbing and repairing elevators and stuff.

Karen Peterson said...

We moved into a new building at work, let's see...a year ago. It's still not finished. But, of course, the construction has packed up and moved on to other projects, so it seems that no one cares that the building isn't finished and, apparently, never will be. $33 million in tax dollars well spent.

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