Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Call Me Big Bird

I've learned a lot about myself during this "bump" in the road of employment.

I have learned that I am a nester. (spell check denies this is a word but you know what I mean- you know, nesting - making your space home / well stocked)

In this temporary job I am working at two locations. In one land, I was lucky enough to be given an office - with a desk, a phone, eventually a computer, some simple working supplies.

At the other land where I work - I find myself working out of a mostly empty conference room one day and in someone else's office the other. This means on one day - I'm sitting in the other office workers lunch room...(it's a nice treat when they decide to eat sausages and sauerkraut for lunch)...there is no phone, no computer, no internet connection even if I brought one. Files must be packed out of the main office to this location and locked any time I so much as go to the bathroom - because I can't lock the ROOM (I have no key) this means loading and unloading the files into a temporary cabinet several times a day. There are no tissues, no office supplies, no resources. There is however, now a mini-office in my bag - which weighs a ton, which I must pack in and out every day...because I am a working nomad. And on the day when I'm in someone else's space ---well, how awkward is it to dig through someone's drawers while searching for a paper clip? And it gives no relief to the whole "storage" problem....but at least I have a key that day.

It brings me ridiculous comfort to have a few simple things in my work office...I will admit that as I was moving out of my office for over 6 years - I realized I was over-stocked with comfort items. But have you ever tried to make it through a day of work when you really need a nail file? How about chap stick? What about hand lotion?

I also like to have some food items on hand. A few breakfast bars. Maybe a few snack items to help fend off any temping evil food. Maybe a shelf-safe lunch item. And I like to drink hot this leads to a coffee mug, a spoon and an electric kettle.

It took me about 2 days to move my personal office fridge. (staff fridge does not mean my standard of "clean" and I've had one two many things walk away in a shared fridge...a fridge that is all mine requires a higher degree of willingness to commit crime)

In truth - I've had a small bag that I've really wanted to bring in as well. It includes a toothbrush, deodorant, tylenol, nasal spray (it's a fending-off-germs thing), powder...and my gym socks and shoes. (my work shoes are not treadmill no shoes equals no taking my break at the gym)

The list goes on...and yes, clearly - my temporary home (or no home to call my own) has showed me that I can absolutely survive with all these things. But how much nicer is it to feel secure in your space - that your needs, however random, will easily be met?

Am I alone here? Or do you find yourself cramming personal need items into your workspace?


Janet said...

Oh, I totally had all of that stuff at work! Everything but the toothpaste and nasal spray. And reading this just made me realize, I left my deodorant, perfume, and band aids in the office medicine cabinet!

Karen Peterson said...

You are definitely not alone. I have to have nail clippers and lotion in my desk at all times. And a snack or two.